You don’t have to have a crypto wallet to participate, and many NFTs are associated with at least one charitable or social cause, so collectors can both own a piece of history and give back via their purchase.

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The HISTORY® NFT Marketplace is proud to present the Women’s History Month collection, featuring digital art created by renowned female artists, celebrating the power, inclusivity and strength of all womanhood.

In honor of the 2023 theme “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories,” this collection features original and exclusive work by artists and creators, who share their experience through their work. These include textile artist Victoria Villasana, visual artist Grace Lynne Haynes, street artist PhoebeNewYork, CEO, professor and engineer Dr. Mitu Khandaker, illustrator and muralist Stevie Shao and visual artist Monica Canilao. Hear their stories and shop their exclusive digital collectibles now.

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